When is it alcoholic

When is it alcoholic?

It won't hurt to drink a beer every now and then under society. But the boundaries
between normal consumption and real addiction are fluent. It emits when it's an alcoholic some general criteria.

Alcoholic test

Alcoholic test

Generally, one speaks of an addictive behavior, if the person harming themselves or their environment by excessive alcohol consumption.

A dependency can be the case if:

-a compulsive desire is felt to drink alcohol

-Withdrawal symptoms occur when alcohol is dispensed with or even slight limitation
-Alcohol is consumed just to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms
-the tolerance limit of alcohol tolerance is increased, that means ever greater amounts of alcohol consumed will need to, to get a noise
-their own behavior can no longer be controlled during consumption
-Alcohol consumption will be continued, although he has clearly harmful consequences
-Neglect of the interests and social environment for the benefit of alcohol takes place

Stages of alcohol addiction

Alcohol abuse often insidiously begins, unless the person concerned is aware.
A distinction is made between 4 phases:
The alcoholic phase
This is occasional drinking of relief and relaxation

Introduction phase
Drinking is withheld. Alcohol glasses are hidden and supplies. Cause lapses of memory and feelings of guilt.

Critical phase
The control of consumption is lost, self blame, loss of interest and first withdrawal symptoms occur.
Conflicts in the social environment and in the workplace are common.

Chronic phase
Noise is often days. It consumed any alcohol. Strong anxiety, mental disorders and severe withdrawal symptoms are the result

When is it alcoholic 3

Verlieblichen you the drunk much alcohol?

Self test for clarity
If you want to get clarity about it, whether you are possibly at risk, take a self test. If you're still unsure afterwards, looking to help a doctor or therapist. In the early stages of alcohol addiction treatment is easier.